Local barn to again be featured on Iowa Barn Foundation tour

   PARKERSBURG — For the eighth consecutive year, a local barn will be featured on the Iowa Barn Foundation’s Fall Barn Tour.

   The Younker Family Heritage Farm, currently owned by the Mike Peterson family, was first built in the 1890s and used, at least from the 1930s on, as a dairy barn. Peterson said his family homesteaded the land the barn is located on in 1854 and built the barn, though he is unsure of its entire history.

   “There’s a gap in knowledge of, especially me and my sister and my mom of who really did what to the farm out here,” he said. “Mom grew up in Cedar Falls, so she never came out to the farm very much until her father passed away. We don’t know when the buildings were built, when they were torn down …”

   Its owners before Peterson included William F. Younker, George F. Younker and Stella A. Younker as well as Vina Younker Toslebe, Oscar Tostlebe and Peterson’s mother, Eleanor Tostlebe Peterson, whose ownership went from 1964 until her death less than two years ago.


For more of this story see the Sept. 21 Eclipse News-Review.

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