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Official paper of Parkersburg, Aplington, New Hartford, Aplington-Parkersburg Schools, and Butler County

Parkersburg Eclipse News-Review
503 Coates Street
Parkersburg, IA 50665
County: Butler
Phone: 319-346-1461
Fax:  1-800-340-0805

Website:  www.parkersburgeclipse.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/parkersburgnews

Publish Days: Wednesday
Circulation: 1,555
Readership: 3,110

Our History

The Parkersburg Eclipse began production in 1872, with the first edition publishing on Friday, Aug. 30, published by C. D. Auyer and S. T. Edwards.

The New Hartford Review joined the Eclipse in the masthead in 1948. On Feb. 26, 1969, the Eclipse was rebranded as the Eclipse - News - Review, commonly referred to as the “Butler Triplets,” upon consolidation with the Aplington News.
Leon Thorne took over as general manager of the Eclipse News-Review in October 1972. Leon’s wife, Becky Thorne, later joined the staff and the couple owned and operated the Eclipse News-Review until its sale to Mid-America Publishing in 2015.
The newspaper serves as the official publication for Parkersburg, Aplington, New Hartford, Aplington-Parkersburg Schools and Butler County, publishing once weekly every Wednesday with papers printed at Mid-America Publishing’s headquarters in Hampton.
Mid-America Publishing Corporation’s shareholders are Matt and Jeanette Grohe of Des Moines. The company was founded by Jeanette’s grandfather, Willard Archie, in Shenandoah in 1962, and continued under the guidance of her father, David, until 1997. David was the founder of the well-known Iowan Magazine. Matt works in real estate in Des Moines while Jeanette takes care of the couple’s three children.
Mid-America Publishing owns 31 publications, including 25 newspapers, across 17 counties in Iowa.

Parkersburg Eclipse News-Review

503 Coates St.
Parkersburg, IA 50665
Phone:  319-346-1461

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